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A range of ‘manly’ scented products to sooth, feed and vitalise your skin.  Shaving for many men can leave the skin feeling uncomfortable and raw.  Our gentle after shave balms and tonics will sooth and feed the skin while  it is at its most vulnerable after shaving... read more ...

Our skincare range is rich in essential oils to feed and restore you skin.  The scents, while enriching your skin will make you feel indulged and pampered.   Remember soap can leave residue on your skin and will not remove oil based make up as it is not soluble in water... read more ...

Fun spritzers with fresh, vital scents which will also feed your children’s skin with the rich essential oil ingredients 

Moisturising Oils – for after bath or shower gentle moisturising to keep your childs skin protected from the environmental... read more ...

At Aromata we love our products and so do our customers. Take our word for it or read what our customers have to say to help you decide about changing your brand and opting for a natural more ...

An Introduction to Aromata

We are here to help you keep your skin – the largest organ of your body, well nourished and protected. 

We are happy to advise and support you in your choices.

Your skin is a living, changing part of your body and so it will alter.  We can help you keep it healthy and glowing through all the changes.

We use nature, knowledge and experience as well as love and patience to develop each product.

W h y   A r o m a t a ? 

As a child, the founder to Aromata, Irene Hancock was diagnosed with severe infant eczema.  In those days the solution was for her parents to take her to the childrens hospital on a weekly basis and have their new born baby girl dunked  in high solutions of salt in water.  She screamed!!  Later as she reached childhood, the next ‘remedy’ was high doses of steroid based creams on prescription from the doctor. This resulted in her being told at the age of 13 that her skin would age prematurely and she would have ‘thin skin’.  She would probably always need to use steroid creams as her skin was now addicted to them!!! She then developed photophobic light eruption syndrome, basically a highly sensitised skin.  However, having good genes, good diet, healthy lifestyle and great natural skincare – things are proving  to be a different picture. Never using steroids.  Only using Aromata skin care products – her skin is now proving that the right skin care is Aromata! more

  • Individual Consultation


    Essential oils can help a multitude of problems as well as skin care.  We offer a bespoke service where we can blend oils to suit your need.  This is a consultancy based service and takes time and communication in order to blend specific oils for specific ... Contact Us ...